The Importance of Passion and Creativity in Creating Responses to Government Bids

Although many government agencies seem to prefer uniformity in their own work for purposes of simplicity, they do not always necessarily require that same uniformity when companies respond to government solicitations. Obviously, all criteria required in those responses must be adhered to so that participating companies can avoid disqualification, however; it is paramount for companies to encourage creativity when responding to a bid-solicitation, especially because procurement officers will most likely be reading all responses and any interesting information that stands-out can make a major difference in a company’s likelihood to win a government contract. Many companies decide not to bid on any interested contracts simply because of the time, effort and creativity required in producing response documents and finding a trustworthy consulting firm or company willing to complete the work properly can be very difficult. The technical professionals at Expert Center implement their capabilities, following all bid solicitation requirements while incorporating creativity and cognition into every response created.

Also, there are many people who can professionally write in many different styles yet; how many people can turn seemingly mundane information into literary masterpieces which can potentially impress most procurement agents? This is one of the main reasons why Expert Center was formed. When companies provide Expert Center with information related to their goods and/or services offered, they can trust that Expert Center’s technical writers will do whatever it takes to make their company stand-out creatively and professionally. While many other firms regardless of size are willing to take on the work, many of them do not recognize nor possess the most important factor when writing documents.

That factor is “Passion”. Without passion, there is no motivation and without motivation there is no creativity and without creativity, the work remains uniform. At Expert Center, we are passionate about our work and helping companies from all industries to do everything we possibly can so that our clients will have the greatest potential chance of winning a government contract. The amount of creativity in our work can be attributed to our passion and motivation for thinking outside the box.

By: Brian Bodzin (Expert Center, LLC)