What our clients say

“I am very pleased with the services provided to me by Expert Center. All of the employees are a pleasure to work with and they are always going above and beyond to make sure that I am fully satisfied. Their specialists are highly skilled and very well trained in writing proposals, monitoring for government bids, providing expert advice and in many other areas of government procurement. As a proud business owner, I give Expert Center LLC. my highest recommendation for all consulting services in the field of government procurement.”

Brian Farrell, Phone and Pad Warehouse

“It is with great pleasure that I furnish a reference letter for Expert Center LLC. Our company is endlessly grateful for the consulting services Expert Center has provided us. We were incredibly impressed with the management and procurement specialists in their knowledge and ability to help professionally prepare both of our response for proposals within two weeks due to a rapidly approaching deadline.

Everyone we met at Expert Center was reliable, dependable, competent and forthright. Anna, Vladimir, Brian and Sofya exceeded our expectations in all areas of government procurement from joining and assisting us at meetings to obtaining crucial information from procurement officers regarding bids, they all went above and beyond in providing government procurement consulting services to our company. It is a great privilege and honor to give Expert Center LLC. My highest recommendation, and I do so without hesitation”.

Lina Krasnorutskaya, Tennis Exclusive, INC

“Expert Center helped my firm to prepare a proposal for real estate bids. They did an outstanding job for such a short period of time. The entire proposal was very competitive, placing our company among the top of the list. In addition to creating a flawless proposal, they provide a vast array of services throughout the entire process. Expert Center successfully handled all concerns and issues on our behalf. I am happy with their services. If your company is looking for government opportunities, I would strongly recommend using Expert Center.”

Vladimir Golik, GE Real Estate Services, INC

“I used Expert Centers free promotional weekly bid notifications. It was easy to use and saved me a lot of time so that I can concentrate on more important tasks. Expert Center is a professional and helpful company to associate with. They helped me to find government contracts that best suited the needs for my business. I highly recommend Expert Center for any and all government procurement needs and hope that they will continue to grow as a highly professional company.”

Emmanuel Okwor, Onel Construction