Beneficial factors when presenting to procurement agents

When procurement agents evaluate responses to bid proposals (RFP’s), there are many instances where the highest scored competing companies can form a tie or even multiple ties where three or more companies competing for the same contract have the same highest score. In many cases, government agencies will then hold a meeting for those companies to further compete in presentations and procurement officers will then make a final decision. There are many different rubrics for the way these presentations can be analyzed. Although the rubrics that contribute to the final score differ by each scenario, Expert Center has formulated many beneficial factors when conducting presentations to procurement agents.

Some of these factors are outlined below:

  • Organization – From professional dress to demeanor and preparedness, remaining organized is crucial. Government agencies are looking to hire people whom are organized, neat and tidy. Going into a presentation without the appropriate attire, attitude, confidence and professionalism can cost your company the entire bid.
  • Preparation – Proper preparation is a key factor when presenting to procurement agents. The presenter must be ready to answer any questions or address any concerns the committee may ask regarding parts of the response to the bid solicitation which may entail (the company’s technical qualifications, relevant experience, structure, size and the overall capabilities of the captioned business.
  • Enhanced Presentations—– PowerPoint presentations help committee members to envision the main company structural concepts and strategies such as organizational charts, vision statements, mission statements, detailed plan amongst other items related to the company being presented.
  • Competence – The presenter is representing their company and as such, must understand and retain all pertinent information regarding the company and including but not limited to: department heads and upper level managers, current financial status forecasts, past and current contracts or jobs “if any” and client references both in the private and public sector. The presenter(s) should not from recite any papers, PowerPoints or any items with verbiage, all information presented should be memorized and practiced before presenting, important bullet points should also be placed in the PowerPoint presentation so the procurement agents and audience members can fully grasp all concepts.
  • Uniqueness – The presentation should include ideas and concepts that differentiate the company from its competitors and make them stand out. The presenter must be confident, honest and straightforward during the entire presentation process. It is also beneficial to create and distribute printed handouts for each procurement agent and audience member, so all information remains accessible and retrievable.
  • Sincerity – Most of the time, procurement agents are looking to hire companies where the presenters can recite the presentation without looking down to their paper or behind them to the presentation slide show, easel or board. It is crucial to look in their eyes when presenting to them so the procurement agents can see the sincerity in the presenter’s eyes.
  • Relevance – It is crucial for the entire presentation to be on topic and all terminology should be directly related to the industry and subject of the bid solicitation. Procurement officers can become uninterested or confused especially because they most likely hear presentations very often and staying relevant is paramount to captivating their attention.
  • Humor – In many presentations regardless of the presenter’s nerves, there can be multiple errors, omissions and simple mistakes. If this occurs, the best option is not to become frustrated nor nervous yet; to acknowledge the mistake with grace and humor. In many cases, procurement agents prefer to see a genuine presenter rather than someone imitating a robot.

Most of all, putting forth 100 percent effort into your company’s presentation can be the difference between winning a government contract or losing the opportunity. It is evident that the company that wins the contract from the greatest presentation have done everything possible to solidify their ability in obtaining their government contract.

The team at Expert Center can guide and assist our clients during the process to prepare for interviews, streamline customized presentations to provide for government entities increasing the chances of obtain government contracts.

By: Brian Bodzin (Expert Center, LLC)